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Wow!! I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blog Award!!

I really hope you believe me if I say that I’m really exited for this nomination and I want to thank Nillawan with all my heart. I’ve started this “blog thing” less than 3 months ago and such wonderful thing happened since that day!

Here 7 things you should know about me:

1) I think that New York is a state of mind

2) I’m a TV series addict (the list is too long, let’s say that “Dexter” is my favourite and I’m able to watch an entire season in 2 days..)

3) I got married 2 times..with the same man! The first one in Italy with all our friends, the second one in Gapstow Bridge, Central Park …NYC

4) My favourite food is Nutella, no ice cream, no pizza…ok, ask me tomorrow

5) Once in my lifetime I decided that I should try the “Sex & the City” experience so I walked up & down NYC with a gorgeous stiletto pair of shoes… after 2 years my feet are still aching …

6) The Italian thing that I miss most is have a cappuccino & brioche breakfast while reading a newspaper surrounded by incredible works of arts

7) I follow my heart

Here the 15 blogs that I love:

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Ricotta cake, or how love is the only ingredient that matters

The legend says that when my mother-in-law Ester married my husband’s father, she was completely unable to cook. I know, it may seem strange that an Italian girl can’t cook, but I swear that it is possible! It was 1973, she was just 21 and she was the sixth of 7 children. Poor grandma Lucia had a lot to do managing a house with 9 people without a washing machine and a dishwasher, so there was something like a military discipline at home: everyone had a role and specific tasks. Ester entered the kitchen for the first time when she was 8, she was too young to cook and her task was to wash dishes…I can imagine this little girl, standing on a stool washing dishes as if I were there…

After the first marriage month, and overall after eating  steaks, eggs, and steaks with eggs more that 30 days long, she remembered that, if she wasn’t able to cook, her mother and her mother-in-law (Grandma Lucia and Grandma Maria, 2 real family’s pillars!) were really good in doing that. So she did the most simple thing: she took up the phone and every day  asked them how to cook this and that.

I’m writing this story because I think that the kitchen follows life rules. At a certain point  you meet the art of cooking because well…you need food! And maybe it’s like meeting Mister Right…bells ring and you know that you have just found something that you’ll love for the rest of your life…or..well…nothing really happens and you cook not because you love it, but because you love the people who sit around the table with you. And to be honest, this seems to me a very good reason! And that’s probably why, even if Ester doesn’t love to cook very much, her food is always incredibly good!

Now I have known Ester for more that 11 years and in all this time I ate only one type of cake (and no more than 4 or 5 times so I suppose you can trust me if I say that she’s not a cooking addict!) that is, of course, this ricotta cake. It’s really good, light (just 80 gr of butter) and perfect for breakfast or tea time. Please remember to add the most important ingredient: the love for your family!

Click here for the recipe  Read more

Italians do it better?

ssshhh..tell no one but…I’m Italian! The kind of Italian that was born in Italy and spent most part of her life there. Yes, also the kind of Italian that thinks that there’s no kitchen like mummy’s one (apart granma’s kitchen, of course!). That’s the reason why in this blog you will find a lot (but not only) of pasta recipes and a lot of mediterranean food.

I don’t know if Italians do it better (remember… I’m talkin about cooking!), but for sure I know that mediterranean cuisine is healthy (you can check on wikipedia or in the web for more information about mediterranean diet) and, above all, it’s soooo goood!! So, I hope you enjoy it!

The chef’s corner

If there’s something really beautiful in having a brother who’s a pastry chef is that you can call him every 10 minutes and ask him: “Hey, do you have a new recipe for me…?” or ” I did this recipe but something went wrong… where the hell is the mistake??!!”. Even if the main idea of this blog is to collect recipes that are linked to special memories, events or people, recipes that have a story to tell, you sometimes cook just because you like it and maybe you want to try something new. That’s the reason why I thought of this section where to post famous recipes from pro chefs and tips and tricks or tutorial about fundamental techniques.

A memory box full of recipes that have a story to tell

If I think at my life, a lot of beautiful memories flow like a river in my head, most of them linked to good food and family recipes. The kitchen is really a magical place where passion for food and for life mix together creating happiness, friendship and love. So welcome to my kitchen, I hope you will enjoy the food and the stories and if you have a precious memory that you want to share, just contact me, this is an open place; there is enough space for everybody’s kitchen memories in this blog.

Cooking in progress…

Hallo world, we’re working to create this blog….wait for us, we’re cooming soon!