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Onions focaccia: football food and happy memories

Onions focacciaSome foods are simply part of your life. You cooked them hundreds of time, your mum cooked them thousands of time and in the end is like they’ve always been there, linked to your past, your present and your future. This is certainly true for this onions focaccia recipe: I perfectly remember the first time I eat it, the people who were with me. It was a hot ans sunny summer and it was the summer of an incredible big event in Italy. 1990: I was in the transition between a child and a teen and the Football World Cup was held in Italy. Everyone was so exited!! I remember that days spent at the sea talking about football and even more the evenings, all together in front of tv with my beloved cousins. Of course I didn’t understand anything about football at that time, but I liked so much Nicola Berti, the most beautiful Italian player 🙂

Protagonists of that world cup are still around and I saw them on TV during the Brazilian event: Klinsmann, Matheus, Maradona… these incredible champions are so linked to our memories, mainly nice memories, that really it’s easy to think at them with a soft smile: like the onion focaccia seems like they’ve always been there, part of the postcards of our lives.

Coming back to the recipe: as you’ve probably already realized, this one is really linked to beautiful moments of my life, and I hope you will enjoy it and that will bring you the same happiness! Buon appetito! Read more


Cocoa & nuts cake: celebrating a new UNESCO site in Italy

BeFunky_cake1.jpgHallo world, if you follow this blog you know that I often say that Italy is one of the most beautiful country in th world. It’s not only that we have tons of incredible masterpieces of art from different ages, we were also blessed with breathtaking natural landscape. We are surrounded by sea with million nuances of blue, we have mountains so beautiful that seems natural sculpture and we have lovely country side. I know, you’re thinking about Tuscany, but that is just a small part. We are celebrating now a new entry in the Italian Unesco sites. Italy has the world record: 50 UNESCO site in such a small country!! The new one is in Piedmont and is Langhe & Monferrato, in northern Italy, few km from Milan, This landscape made of rolling hills, with castles and antique mansions surrounded by vineyards is also the place where lot of delicious typical Italian food has its origin. In particular in Piedmont they produce a very good quality of hazelnuts ( I suppose there’s a reason Nutella, the most famous nuts cream in the world, has been invented here….) so, giving that I’m so happy that another breathtaking piece of my country is now recognized as something to be protected for future generation, I decided to celebrate with a cake with nuts 🙂 I advise you: this is sinful….. so don’t have too much, and enjoy the feeling at every bite!


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