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Small ears pasta with broccoli, sundried tomatoes and black olives: go vegan!

pasta broccoli sundried tomatoes and black olives

Hallo world, it’s been a long time since my last post. In these months tons of things happened in my life: most important is that, after 2 years being a full time mom, I started again to work. It has been a great challenge start again, find a new routine, try to find the right approach to do everything but I enjoy every minute! I just miss the time I used to spend in the kitchen… now is not that much, but I’m try to cook at my best, to be creative and to find again time to write in this blog!

So here we are with a new recipe that represent perfectly what is my approach in the kitchen in these busy days: cook genuine, easy and fast dishes, healthy and not boring, trying to be as creative as I can be. Few months ago an American friend of mine explain me the great healthy advantages of the vegan diet and told that she tries to cook vegan almost 3 times per week. It’s funny how I realized that actually Italian Cuisine and Mediterranean diet actually have a lot of vegan recipe (think at the basic ingredients: pasta, tons of wonderful vegetables, olive oil, fruit, bread…). I will never stop to eat meat or fish, but the idea to cook vegan almost 3 times per week really seems to be a good start.

I hope you’re feeling hungry by now so let’s go to the recipe, my way to the Italian super classic “orecchiette coi broccoli” (small ears pasta with broccoli). Buon appetito!


Ingredients: (serves 4)


–          360 g small ears pasta

–          2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

–          1 garlic glove

–          1 big broccoli already boiled

–          20 sundried tomatoes under olive oil grossly chopped

–          A handful of black olives grossly chopped

–          Salt


Pour the extra virgin olive oil in a pan with the garlic, add the broccoli grossly chopped. Cook at medium flame for a couple of minutes, then add the sundried tomatoes and the black olives. Adjust with salt, add a spoonful of boiling water and cook at low flame for 10 minutes. Meanwhile cook the pasta in salted boiling water, when it’s ready drained it and pour in the pan with the vegetables. Toss well adding some olive oil. Buon appetito!


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  1. This looks amazing – and I have sun dried tomatoes that I’ve forgotten about. Thanks for the post 🙂

    19 May 2014
  2. Lisa #

    Made this tonight- was delicious. I used 3 cloves of garlic because my husband does love that flavor so much. Thanks for posting a Vegan friendly recipe! Lisa

    9 June 2014

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