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Plum & yogurt muffin, a birthday and a walk at Mariastein

plum and yogurt muffinA birthday is always a special occasion but, since we left our country, we consider the possibility to celebrate with our family a great gift. During the last years it has been difficult to have the family together in these special occasions so I was incredibly happy to have my mother here in Switzerland for her 59th birthday. I decided to celebrate with a “mother&daughter” afternoon and I organized an excursion in a special place called Mariastein. My mother has a strong faith, so I was sure that she would love the place, but Mariastein is a very special place, able to communicate at everyone heart. The legend says tha a young mother fell asleep while her son was playing on the hill and the boy fell from the cliff. When she woke up and realized what happened she was sure to find her baby dead, but her son was miraculously save. He told her that a beautiful woman saved him and told him that she wanted to be venerated in that place. The story happened in the 13th century and the beautiful woman was of course Virgin Mary. The sanctuary is composed by 2 parts: a beautiful white church and a cave (the holy place). This second part is really touching. To reach the cave you have to go down for 52 steps and along the walls you can find and read hundreds of votive plaques. Switzerland is a very international place so one of the things the I immediately noticed is that these plaques are in many different languages: German of course, but also Italian, Spanish, Russian, English, Japanese! So, as I told before, you don’t need to have a strong faith to be touched by this place: when I read a plaques saying “Thank you for saving my little sister” my heart missed a bit. How fragile we are, how we need support to survive the difficult moments in our life. I can say for sure that we had a very special day there and the my mother will remember her 59th birthday for long time. After visiting the church we went for a walk int he beautiful Switzerland countryside. We stopped on a bench and ate these plum and yogurt muffin that I cooked with all the love a daughter can ha ve for her mother. Hope you will enjoy them!¨It’s really easy to do, the jar of yogurt is the measure of all the ingredients.

plum and yogurt muffin


– 1 jar of natural yogurt (180g)

– 3 jar of white flour

– 1 jar of olive oil

– 1 jar of sugar

– 3 eggs

– 1 packet of baking powder

– 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

– 2 big plums cut in small cubes

Preheat the oven at 180°C (356°F). Pour all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well till get a soft and homogeneous.  Pour the compound in the muffin moulds  Cook for 45 minutes and eat them! (I’ve told you this is a very simple recipe!)

mariasteinThe ceiling of the church – Mariastein

mariastein caveThe cave of the Holy Virgin – Mariastein

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