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Cranberries cake & the kitchen sabotage

cranberries cakeI suppose that something like the story I’m about to tell happened to you too, no matter if you have or not a food blog.  You wake up and decide that you want to cook something so you go out, do your shopping and wait for the right moment to cook. This week I really wanted to cook an apples and nuts cake so, the day after the food shopping, I started to cook. I did everything in the right way and when the dough was ready I just reached the fruit bowl to take 2 apples…. but… WHERE ARE THE APPLES??!! Guess what.. your husband has eaten all your wonderful apples…. For a moment you can feel just panic “OMG what I will do with this dough now?!” then, luckily, I realized that I had also cranberries in my fridge. I bought them without know how to use them but I never found them in Italy so, seeing them at the market, I didn’t resist the temptation and I bought them just to try something new. So, here you can find the recipe of a cranberries cake that wanted to be an apples cake. It’s really good,  especially if you love contrast (cranberries are acids while the dough is sweet). The reality is that if you have a very good basic dough (and this is incredibly good, not because I’m a kitchen genius but simply because the original recipe is by Maurizio “Black” Santin, one of the most famous Italian pastry chef) you can put nearly everything inside it and get always something incredibly good! Enjoy!

PS. If you know other good ways to use cranberries, please let me know! I just discovered them and I have a lot to learn!

cranberries cake


– 3 eggs

– 150 g of sugar (5.3 oz)

– 150 g of butter (5.3 oz)

– 150 g of flour (5.3 oz)

– 1 cup of cranberries

– 1 vanilla bean

Melt the butter and let it cool. Beat eggs and sugar till they become fluffy and white. Add the sifted flour the melted butter, the cranberries and the vanilla powder. Pour in a greased and floured mould and cook for 30 minutes in preheated oven ay 180°C (356°F)

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