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Light citrus cake & the story of the Weeping Madonna Sanctuary

light citrus cakeHallo world! Here I am after lazy summer days spent dreaming my next holiday…. I have to wait another 3 weeks then the beautiful Sardinia sea will be mine! But in these days I was so lucky to pay a visit to my parents in Italy enjoying all the things I love of my beautiful country. Remember me saying that the things I miss most of Italy is the possibility to drink a good cappuccino surrounded by wonderful work of art? Even in small town like my home town you can have this experience, so today I want to tell you the story of a magical sanctuary, that is the one where my husband and I get married nearly 2 years ago. The shrine is dedicated to the Weeping Madonna that saved the town during a battle. It was February 1552 and Italy was again place of collision of foreign countries. Few young citizens insulted the French army and the French general decided to have his revenge destroying the city. But then, just before the army entered the city, the statue of the Madonna started weeping and, stricken by this miracle, the French general Odet the Foix came into the town and deposed his helmet and his sword, suddenly followed by his soldiers. To celebrate this miracle the citizens decided to build a sanctuary. The first stone was deposed in 1594 and since that date this sacred site has a special place in the heart of every Treviglio’s inhabitant. Every time I think at my home town and at this place, my heart is light and full of joy so that’s the reason I decided to match this story with a recipe that is light (no butter!) and that is very similar to a cake that my mother often cooked when I was a child. I remember perfectly the scent of oranges spread throughout our home… hope this smell will reach your heart! Buon appetito!

weeping madonna sanctuary treviglio

weeping madonna sanctuary treviglio


– 2 eggs

– 160 g of sugar

– 2 teaspoons of orange zest

– 2 teaspoons of lemon zest

– 125 g of extra virgin olive oil

– 185 g of flour

– half teaspoon of yeast

– 60 ml milk

– 60 ml orange juice

Beat the eggs with the sugar. Add the lemon and the orange zest and gradually the olive oil. Pour the flour and the yeast alternating with the milk and the orange juice. Mix well and pour in a buttered and floured. Cook in pre-heated oven at 180°C  (350° F) for 45 minutes.

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  1. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing

    16 August 2012
    • thank you for reading! The church photos were taken on our wedding day ❤

      16 August 2012
  2. What a lovely piece of history! Thanks for sharing!

    16 August 2012
  3. Non sapevo fossi di Treviglio… siamo quasi vicine di casa!
    Ho letto con piacere un’altra storia interessante che non conoscevo. sto leggendo la biografia di Caterina de Medici, contemporanea dei fatti di cui parli. Bello collegare la grande storia a quella a noi vicina, quasi personale!

    21 August 2012
    • adesso mi hai messo la pulce nell’orecchio…tu di dove sei?

      22 August 2012

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