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Cremeaux au chocolat & the chocolate conspiracy against Winston Churchill

cremeaux au chocolat chocolate mousseOne of the greatest passions of my life is history and I’m always happy when I discover that one of my other biggest love is part of it. So I suppose it doesn’t come as a big surprise if I say that I was really excited when I discover the chocolate conspiracy against non other than Winston Churchill! It seems certain that Adolf Hitler wanted to murder the UK Prime Minister using a chocolate tablet packed with explosives. I know…it seems a James Bond movie! But the most wonderful thing about history is that often it’s stranger than fiction! So the Führer ordered his agents to create a similar  device  and hid it in the London office of the Cabinet War. The conspiracy was discovered by the English secret services. We know it thanks to a letter written in 1943 and auctioned few days ago, by the MI5 agent Mr. Rothschild. The letter is addressed to an illustrator and contains instructions to prepare flyers to alert not only the Premier but the entire population on the possibility that explosive chocolate bars were introduced in England. As Enrico Franceschini wrote in his blog on a famous Italian journal: luckily good Winston preferred whiskey!

When I discovered this story I decided that it was perfect for my blog, all I needed was a good chocolate recipe to match and suddenly this creameaux came into my mind. It’s of course too good to be mine: it’s another culinary magic inside my brother’s pastry chef hat! I’m sure you will enjoy it!


250 ml of heavy cream

250 ml of milk

80 g of sugar

5 egg yolks

300 g of chocolate

2 sheets of gelatine

Beat lightly the sugar with the 5 egg yolks. Put the milk and the heavy cream in a pot and boil. Remove from heat and add the egg mixture beating. Let it cool slightly then add the chocolate chopped and the gelatine (soaked in cold water and drained), whisking vigorously to get a homogeneous mixture. let rest in refrigerator 10 hours.

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  1. thelady8home #

    What an entertaining story!! Never knew this. Chocolate bomb!! Who would think.

    25 July 2012
  2. Anch’io sono una grande appassionata di storia, contemporanea soprattutto! non conoscevo questa storia nè questa ricetta. ancora una volta qui ho trovato una bella sorpresa!

    28 July 2012

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