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Red, white & blue frozen yogurt: all my love for United States

red white and blu frozen yogurtI can tell you almost 100 reason why I love U.S. and Americans so much, but one of the biggest is their love for their own country. During our first travel to Southwest, and then again in Montana, in Wyoming and in Colorado, we often saw big signs saying “God bless America” and “We sustains our troops” and I was totally enchanted.

For Europeans the American foreign policy is a complete mystery: since centuries we Europeans are all neighbours ( the Mediterranean Sea seems sometimes only a big pond) and this proximity forced us to develop a system of close relationships and to manage every action with caution. Americans have a more direct approach but the question here is not if they’re right or wrong, the point is that they are able to distinguish from the political decision to make a military mission or even a war, and the people that is there, with an helmet on the head and a rifle in the hand, doing their duty.   These guys, with different skin colors and ethnic roots, risk their lives for a higher ideal, that of a country that is the Land of the Free, where their ancestors came to realize a big dream. It’s incredible for me see how a country that is made by so many different ethnic groups is able to unify everything under the love for a flag. Today ‘s  the 4th July and I want to celebrate it even if I’m not American, because this country gave me a lot of unforgettable moments and incredible emotions. This dessert is my personal tribute to a country that I love with all my heart, hope you’ll enjoy it!

red white and blu frozen yogurt


– 400 g natural white yogurt

– 50 g white sugar

– 2 eggs white

– 1 cup of blueberries

– 1 cup of currants

Beat the eggs white to aerate, then add the sugar and beat at high speed till get a meringue. Pour 400 g of white yogurt in a large bowl an add a little bit at the time, tossing lightly, the meringue. Put the mixture in silicon moulds and let frozen for almost 5 hours. Decore with currants and blackberries. To make the small jar I seasoned cranberries and currants separately with a spoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. Happy 4th July!

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