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Wow!! I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blog Award!!

I really hope you believe me if I say that I’m really exited for this nomination and I want to thank Nillawan with all my heart. I’ve started this “blog thing” less than 3 months ago and such wonderful thing happened since that day!

Here 7 things you should know about me:

1) I think that New York is a state of mind

2) I’m a TV series addict (the list is too long, let’s say that “Dexter” is my favourite and I’m able to watch an entire season in 2 days..)

3) I got married 2 times..with the same man! The first one in Italy with all our friends, the second one in Gapstow Bridge, Central Park …NYC

4) My favourite food is Nutella, no ice cream, no pizza…ok, ask me tomorrow

5) Once in my lifetime I decided that I should try the “Sex & the City” experience so I walked up & down NYC with a gorgeous stiletto pair of shoes… after 2 years my feet are still aching …

6) The Italian thing that I miss most is have a cappuccino & brioche breakfast while reading a newspaper surrounded by incredible works of arts

7) I follow my heart

Here the 15 blogs that I love:

bellezza4you an Italian blog about one of the thing that I love most (together with food, shoes, Italian fashion, etc ..) make up!

Madame Croquette

My love affair with running

Juanita’s cocina

*  Sweet Life

Me & my sweat

Palatable jazz

La cucina di Kait

Rantings of an amateur chef

A kitchen addiction

Learn food photography

Savory simple

The cookie a day challange

La cucina prima donna

My fudo

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the nominations 😀
    How cool you got married twice.. and even cooler that it was to the same man!

    25 June 2012
    • I love running and your blog express the joy that a run gives that’s the reason why I voted for u 😉 You can partecipate @ the versatile blog award, just check their website for the rules

      25 June 2012
  2. Food Stories #


    25 June 2012
  3. Congratulations on the award and thanks for the nomination! That is so sweet of you to nominate me!

    25 June 2012
  4. Grazie mille per la nomination! Sono felice di aver scoperto 7 cose di te! (sono anch’io una tv series addict!!)

    27 June 2012
    • Grazie a te, il tuo blog è bellissimo e le foto sono sulle foto devo proprio studiare… ma spero di migliorare strada facendo!

      28 June 2012
      • ad essere sincera, anche io ho ancora molto da imparare sulle foto ed è la parte che mi stressa maggiormente!!! Grazie per i complimenti, che ricambio sinceramente!

        28 June 2012
  5. Thank you so much for the nomination!

    27 June 2012
  6. Thank you all guys, your blogs are really inspiring!

    28 June 2012
  7. Thank you so much!!! I love your blog tooo! It’s so pretty 🙂

    28 June 2012

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